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High Speed Industrial Machinery Manufactured from Carbon Fibre Composite Materials Debuts in Germany


On behalf of an International Client, we have recently completed the design and engineering for a high-speed industrial machine that has just been installed and tested sucssesfully at one of their manufacturing facilities based in Germany.

The machines operational requirements necessitated the development of advanced composite structures, able to withstand high dynamic loads and temperatures.

The performance of the machine was clearly demonstrated at their plant and ultimately may be able to exceed the operational parameters by a significant margin.

As the machine converts a raw material into an industrial product which is manufactured and distributed from plants worldwide, the positive impact this will have on increased efficiencies for the Client was clearly demonstrated.

A unique feature of the machine is its ability to withstand intermittent temperatures of up to 400º Centigrade, we have developed an innovative and commercially viable system, which will protect the composite structures from these very high temperatures.

Additionally component parts of the machine measuring approximately 1 metre x 2.5 metres will reciprocate at a speed of 6 cycles per second, sustaining a load of 4G and the machine has been designed to operate continuously for up to twelve months at a time.

The novel heat shield system is lightweight, and it is believed to be a unique application of this technology. The machine operates in a harsh manufacturing environment and we have proven that the innovative application of composite materials technology is an appropriate solution.

Following the machines impressive debut Paul said, "The success of this project is very rewarding, it was obviously very important to the Client that the machine operated successfully upon installation and we have achieved that target today."

Composite Engineering is a project management, design and engineering company that specialises in the development of advanced composite structures. Paul McBride has pioneered the application of this technology following his graduation in the late seventies, his career encompasses senior positions in both Formula1 motor racing and within the composites industry prior to establishing the company.

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