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We can provide project management, innovative design and engineering expertise


We specialise in the design and development of structures utilising the performance benefits of advanced composite materials.

Paul has over 30 years of accumulated practical technical expertise in materials optimisation, coupled with wide ranging applications. This allows us to engineer structures possessing not only superior mechanical performance but also the aesthetic qualities that in many markets is a prerequisite for commercial success.

Whether you require a total solution, structural analysis and design or an integrated tooling and manufacturing technology package, with Composite Engineering you are in extremely capable hands.

We possess a deep knowledge of state-of-the-art low total cost techniques for achieving faster time to market.

Project Management

We have managed a wide variety of leading edge carbon composite structures projects for clients in the automotive, marine, medical, industrial manufacturing, motor racing and sporting goods sectors.

The depth of project management and specialist consultancy experience commanded by ourselves includes the primary and secondary structures of three generations of world championship winning Formula 1 cars, involvements that prove beyond doubt the ability to meet the most exacting functional and timescale performance demands.

Our Clients benefit from the knowledge and experience of managing director Paul who, earlier in his career, was Williams Grand Prix Engineering's head of composites, in which role he was responsible for setting up its original carbon composites manufacturing facility.


Carbon composites engineering and manufacturing know-how tends to be shrouded in secrecy. This can lead to companies re-inventing the wheel without realising it. Whilst innovation inevitably produces a sense of excitement, it can also result in excessive and unscheduled expenditure. To devise an innovative structure is one thing. Producing it cost-effectively is something else entirely - and devising an appropriate manufacturing process is too often a cause of unnecessary re-invention.

The answer is to be innovative, but in the interests of reducing costs and risks, where possible, link the process to technology transfer.

You will find we are a source of both innovative thinking and transferable technology. Why venture into the unknown when you can tap into the kind of expertise that created pioneering developments in prepreg technology for Formula 1 racing teams?


Examples of Paul's practical, lateral-thinking approach to composite design can be found around the world in a wide variety of applications. Clients will benefit from the wealth of experience we have gained providing these creative, practical design solutions.

At the outset, the design of a composite structure and the manufacturing technology is totally integrated to precisely match the Client's requirements.

To date our design expertise has been applied to Formula One and Le-Mans racing cars, High Performance Road Cars, Yachts, Medical Prosthetics and High Speed Manufacturing Machinery.


The expertise possessed by ourselves in developing complex composite structures provides clients with a competitive and commercial advantage.

This has been clearly illustrated by the Ascari A410 Le-Mans car project. All of the car's structures were produced in carbon fibre composite and they were subjected to stringent structural testing to meet both FIA and Le-Mans ACO safety regulations.

The chassis, roll hoop and nose box static/dynamic tests were passed on the first attempt with outstanding results.

This enabled the Team to build their race cars in the shortest possible time frame and the design has proved a race winner in the FIA Sportscar Championship.

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