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Our frequently asked questions page


Answered here are some of the questions we are often asked about the services provided by Composite Engineering and about carbon and allied composite materials in general.

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Carbon composites technology for today's innovations


"Can you provide start-to-finish project management?"

Yes, and the contracts we undertake of this nature typically commence with a design and production feasibility study. This is usually followed by structural design, prototype build and testing - with tooling and production engineering carried out in tandem. Alternatively, we can provide services at any intermediate stage.

"Can you look into the feasibility of a project for us?"

Composite Engineering possesses the technical skills necessary for the objective appraisal of innovative structures and commercial opportunities.

"I am interested in investing in new technology / products, can you provide me with ideas / projects to invest in?"

Yes - this is one of our core activities. Not only can we can develop ideas following consultation with a client, we also have a number of exciting, innovative and potentially very profitable ideas currently being worked on 'in-house', including technology developments that could be made available through licensing arrangements.

"Can you help us to set up a composites manufacturing facility?"

We are ideally positioned to help. We have wealth of technical knowledge and practical experience of setting up and operating carbon composites manufacturing facilities, including designing and implementing training programmes and testing and QA procedures to aerospace standards.

"As well as designing a structure for us can you help us to identify a suitable manufacturer?"

Yes - with the majority of projects, this is part of the brief. The process typically involves submissions from a minimum of three leading UK-based suppliers. Our sourcing experience also extends to the manufacture of components in Europe and the USA.

"Are you an independent company within the composites industry?"

Yes, Composite Engineering is an independent company with no connection or specific association with materials suppliers, component manufacturers or structural testing facilities. We are therefore able to provide clients with the benefits of professional impartiality from a project's inception through to the delivery of the components.

Can you afford to ignore the technical and profit potential of carbon composite structures?


"What are the benefits of a composite structure?"

Composite structures can be designed, engineered and manufactured to be lighter, stronger and stiffer than those made from other materials. The manufacturing costs of structures made from composites can be lower if a number of products are to be made. Also, unlike metals, composites do not deteriorate from corrosion etc.

"How do the costs of carbon composite structures compare with equivalent structures produced in steel, aluminium or other metals?"

The use of carbon composites can result in substantial savings in manufacturing costs. The overall economics are likely to be determined by volume and other factors.

"Does Composite Engineering specialise solely in structures produced from carbon fibre composites, or do you work with other materials?"

We specialise in optimising very lightweight structures, predominately produced from carbon fibre prepregs and aerospace core materials. As well as carbon fibre, we routinely work with all fibres and matrices currently used in the composites industry.

"What weight saving can be made by using composite materials?"

It depends on the complexity of the component / structure and strength requirements. However, in virtually all cases a substantial weight saving can be achieved using composites.

"Are all the structures and components designed by yourselves manufactured from carbon fibre prepregs?"

Although the answer is predominately yes, depending on volume and other considerations, a structure, component or product assembly might be engineered for resin infusion, thermoplastic or other appropriate production method.

"Can carbon fibre composite structures be made as strong as steel?"

It is difficult to generalise, however in principal the answer is yes, in fact composite structures can ultimately be engineered to be substantially stronger than those constructed from steel.

"Do composite structures last as long as metals?"

Yes, when correctly designed, engineered and manufactured. Because they are resistant to fatigue or corrosion, composite structures can last longer than equivalent metal structures.

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We have the tools to provide you with a 'Right First Time' solution


"Do you work in 3D as well as 2D CAD?"

We use Industry standard CAD software packages and can develop your project in both 2D and 3D CAD. Additionally we are able to import and export files in all recognised formats.

"What project management software do you use?"

Microsoft Project 2007.

"What operating systems do you use?"

All our systems utilise Microsoft Windows XP Professional.

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