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About Composites Engineering

We specialise in the design and development of structures utilising the performance benefits of advanced composite materials.

The company founder has been instrumental in pioneering advanced composites structures for over 35 years. This work began in the late Seventies where he was responsible for developing pioneering composite structures for Formula One Grand Prix Racing Cars.

A notable achievement was working with the late Dr Harvey Postlethwaite on the design and development of the very first F1 Racing Car to have a honeycomb monocoque chassis, the Walter Wolf WR7.

Following on from this he was then appointed as Williams Grand Prix Engineering's head of composites.

In this role he was responsible for setting up its original composites manufacturing facility and developed pioneering advanced composite structures for the racing cars that directly contributed to multiple World Championship Drivers and Constructors Championship victories for the team.

Today we continue to develop pioneering advanced composite structures and our knowledge and experience is fundamental to the success of numerous leading edge applications.

We develop equally innovative solutions for industrial applications, where the unique properties of carbon composite structures have been exploited to overcome the limitations of steel and other metals.

You will find we are a source of both innovative thinking and transferable technology. We possess a deep knowledge of state-of-the-art low total cost techniques for achieving faster time to market.

Why venture into the unknown when you can tap into the kind of expertise that created pioneering developments in composites technology for Formula 1 racing teams.

We have managed a wide variety of leading edge advanced composite structures projects for clients in the following industries and the following links will take you to a gallery with a selection of some of these projects:

Services we can provide

Services we can provide for carbon fiber component design and engineering

Project Management

Project management


Ascari A410 LMP Chassis FIA Testing


Hybrid vehicle chassis 3D CAD model

Design and Engineering

Ascari A410 LMP Sports Racing Car

Computer Aided Design

Aircraft Composite Seat 3D CAD Model


Carbon Fibre Prepreg

Patterns and Moulds

Carbon Fibre Mould

Manufacturing Support

Manufacturing Support

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