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Le Mans Sports Car Chassis


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High speed machinery

Projects synopsis

Summarised here are a selection of projects that demonstrate the scope and diversity of Composite Engineering's capabilities.

We are actively seeking to expand the range of industries we serve. If you have an application you think might benefit from utilising advanced composites materials please contact us to discuss your requirements.



'First class' lounge seat

Design, engineering and FEA analysis. The seat successfully completed static testing and is now in production.

Automated manufacturing facility

Assisted with the layout and specification of this facility for the manufacture of very large carbon fibre composite structures. The plant included; a layup clean room cell together with tape laying machinery, installation of autoclaves, trimming and machining cell together with CNC controlled machinery, clean room bonding cell and general handling mechanisms for large structures.

UAV Aircraft

The inventor of the aircraft John Coakley contacted us to help him reduce the weight of the aircraft by incorporating lightweight carbon fibre composite structures.

We were not only able to assist John with the design and development of advanced composite components were were also able to source grant funding on his behalf to cover the cost of our fees.

The Hoverwing is a unique remote-controlled camera platform which can hover and swoop in and out of the action to help films like the Bourne Identity, James Bond and Mission Impossible franchises become more real and less reliant on special effects.

The configuration of the aircraft is unique because unlike a normal aircraft, the slower it flies it actually become more stable. Even when it can’t keep in level flight any longer, it doesn’t stall or lose control, at this point the Hoverwing plays its trump card and switches to hover and that trick is still top secret.
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Ascari KZ1

Following our successful project management of the Ascari A410 Le Mans sports prototype racing car for the owner of Team Ascari Klass Zwart, we were then asked to conduct a commercial and technical appraisal of Ascari Cars; the high performance road car subsidiary.

Following the presentation of this study, we developed a new concept vehicle - the Ascari KZ1. We provided Klass with exterior styling proposals, chassis layout concepts and following the adoption of our exterior styling proposal we conducted CFD analysis.

This work ultimately lead to the creation of a very well received show car which attracted firm orders and the car is currently in production.

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Automotive - International Motorsport

Ascari A410 LMP 900 Le-Mans sports prototype racing car

Project management, design and development of chassis and bodywork structures.

We were initially approached for help as the project had been under way for some time and the client was disappointed with the level of progress.

We prepared a detailed plan of action and were given full responsibility for the key areas of the project.

We were required to work within a very short time frame and under tight commercial constraints. As well as project management we were responsible for chassis design, structural analysis and detailed engineering.

Additionally we negotiated with and hired sub-contractors. We supervised the production of all components as well as controlling the budget for this work.

As the project progressed we were asked to undertake full responsibility for the project. This ultimately lead to temporarily overseeing the day to day running of the team and recruiting additional management and engineering staff on the client's behalf.

The car has proved to be very competitive, achieving a race victory and several podium positions in the FIA European Sports Car Championship.
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Ascari A410 LMP 900 Le-Mans sports prototype racing car nosebox dynamic test

An accompying page to the above project that demonstrate our expertise in designing and developing carbon composite structures for impact protection.

The page has a video and photographs of the dynamic sled test that was carried out to FIA and Le-Mans ACO regulations at the Transport Research Laboratory.

The nosebox was subjected to a crash test at an impact speed of 43 kilometre/hour, together with a ballasted mass of 1050kg, the damage to the nosecone was confined within a distance of 534mm.

Additionally, the 8.4kg nose cone structure absorbed the energy progressively, recording an average deceleration of 15.39, falling significantly below the allowed maximum figure of 25G.
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McLaren F1 GTR

Assisted the manufacturer with performance developments of this outstanding GT car.

TVR Speed 12

Assisted the design and development of the original prototype GT racing car.

Carbon fibre composite Formula1 car transmission casing

An in-house development project, this innovative moulding technology will provide single part complex three dimensional structures ideally suited to the manufacture of F1 car transmission cases.
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Piezo operated release module

Research and development project devoted to the design of a carbon fibre composite/ceramic actuator.

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Industrial machinery

Carbon fibre composite high speed machinery

The machine was developed on behalf of an international client and this followed on from us initially carrying out both a feasibility and design study.

This was then followed by structural analysis and preparing detailed engineering drawings.

The machine's operating environment necessitated the development of advanced composite structures, able to withstand high dynamic loads and temperatures.

The machine is now in full operation at the Clients manufacturing facility in Germany.
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America's Cup Team.

Contribution to the design and development of composite structures for a US America's Cup Syndicate.

High speed motoryacht

The Jajoor 52, responsible for structural engineering and assistance with the preparation of the business plan for this composite, gas turbine powered, 100-knot yacht.

'Superyacht' based personal submarine.

An in-house development project. To date we have completed both styling and layout drawings for this advanced concept in submersible craft. We are currently pursuing additional funding to enable a detailed feasibility study and commercial assessment.

Following this we plan to construct a prototype and ultimately put the 'sub' into production.
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Manufacturing facility

The establishment of a composites component manufacturing department and associated staff training.

The success of this project has enabled the firm to bring the manufacture of composite components in-house and has resulted in ongoing design projects for the company.

One of these is the development of a prototype carbon / thermoplastic one-piece chassis structure. This is currently a machined / fabricated component. The new process is able to produce a finished component in under 15 minutes.

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Manufacturing technology

Automated manufacturing system for composite structures.

The focus of this in-house research project is the development of a fully automated manufacturing process making it possible to produce manufacture items such as a complex high performance road car chassis at a fraction of the cost of presently used methods.

The project covers system engineering concepts, moulding process simulation software, materials properties and analysis tools, pre-forming, robotics and sophisticated computer controlled tooling.
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Prosthetic foot

Project management, design and development of a prosthetic carbon fibre composite foot.

A lightweight foot was developed that had additional compliance to enable walking on uneven and rough terrain.

The foot is currently in production and proving to be both popular and commercially successful.

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Musical instruments

Electric bass guitar

Project established the viability of manufacturing a musical instrument from carbon fibre composite materials.

This instrument combines the power of an electric bass guitar with the versatility of the orchestral Double Bass, but without the cumbersome weight and size of either.

We not only assisted Bryan with the technical aspects of the project, we secured grant support for both a Technology Audit and a Feasibility Study.

The project is now working towards bringing this ground-braking instrument to the musical instrument market, and to achieve this goal Bryan is currently discussing the project with interested investors who can help to put the instrument into mass production.
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Windcheetah recumbent cycle chassis

Project established the viability of manufacturing a recumbent cycle carbon fibre composite chassis.

Cheshire Cycle Components Ltd manufactures the Windcheetah recumbent cycle, this was originally designed by Mike Burrows, the designer behind the superbike that helped Chris Boardman win Olympic gold in 1992.

Robert Dixon's company has received a Millennium product award and a Windcheetah is currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Robert contacted us as he was interested in the possibility of manufacturing the frame from carbon fibre composites as apposed to the combination of aluminium/carbon fibre tubes and aluminium castings.

Following detailed consultation with Robert it was clear that there was the potential to manufacture the frame as a single piece molding and that this presented an excellent opportunity to develop a frame for the Windcheetah that could employ advanced composite materials and manufacturing processes.
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