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Composites Terminology Database

This glossary is not an exhaustive list, however it does contain the majority of terms used in the composites industry and as part of the management of our website, it is updated on a continual basis.

The terms are accessed by clicking on the appropriate letter below, all the terms beginning with the letter K can be found below.

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Terms K

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K factor
The coefficient of thermal conductivity. The amount of heat that passes through a unit cube of material in a given time when the difference in temperature of two opposite faces is 1 degree.

The width of a cut made by a saw blade, torch, water jet, laser beam, and so forth.

An organic polymer composed of aromatic polyamides having a para-type orientation (parallel chain extending bonds from each aromatic nucleus).

knitted fabrics
Fabrics produced by interlooping chains of yarn.

knuckle area
u less than 75 µm (1 mil). Normally filaments are not used individually. Some textile filaments can function as a yarn when they are of sufficient strength and flexibility.